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Stimulate your marketing efforts with our brilliant and effective SEO services.

With experts in all aspects of SEO in different areas of work such as strategy, content, digital PR, link building and local SEO, Rank My Business in Melbourne offers you everything. Our SEO services are backed by research and strategic insight that shall enhance your business growth in the right direction. RMB is the SEO agency in Melbourne that uses a variety of tools which helps to stimulate organic growth in the coming future. We ensure to use sustainable ethical practices which will always keep your webpages in good stead with good search engine rankings.

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    The Complete SEO Solutions Bouquet

    At Rank My Business, we offer a host of SEO services for businesses based in Melbourne and other parts of Australia, making us a one-stop SEO agency for all your needs.

    SEO Check-up

    SEO Check-up

    A detailed study and analysis of the SEO work will be done by our SEO specialists in order to know if the strategy used for the webpages are effective. They will also consider resolving any current SEO challenges through consulting.
    Technical SEO

    Technical SEO

    The first and the foremost work that our SEO experts do is to identify and fix gaps on your web pages or work with you to design SEO friendly websites from the start. We believe in working from the ground level so that the following work is not hampered. We emphasize on creating websites that are visitor and search engine friendly and suggest ways you can optimize your conversion rates.
    Keyword Research

    Keyword Research

    We keep a track of the current user search behaviours which help us identify short term and long term opportunities when it comes to untapped keywords.
    Competition Analysis

    Competition Analysis

    We try to make a complete work analysis of the business competitors, track changes in their organic rankings across keywords, which helps us to rework on our strategies.
    Content strategy

    Content strategy

    We create content that is engaging and strikes a chord with the audience. The compelling content helps us to build links citations and social chatter around the keywords that matter for your business
    Local SEO

    Local SEO

    With our SEO services, your businesses and office locations can achieve a higher ranking on applications like Google Maps, to help potential customers reach you faster.
    Ecommerce SEO

    Ecommerce SEO

    Benefit from our SEO specialists to improve your rankings, product indexing and visibility for the right people at the right time. This will indirectly lead your sales to grow manifold times.
    Developer Support

    Developer Support

    We believe in teamwork, hence we shall work with your web developers to keep your website in great shape, while implying SEO recommendations.
    Monthly / Weekly Reporting

    Monthly / Weekly Reporting

    With the help of monthly reports, we keep you updated with the campaign results and website performances with effective keywords.
    Regular Reviews

    Regular Reviews

    With evolving business goals, it becomes necessary for us to take reviews and keep our SEO strategy aligned with your broader marketing goals.

    What Clients Say About us

    Rank My Business- A result-oriented SEO agency In Melbourne

    In today’s era, every business irrespective of its size is wishing to take a plunge and opt for digital modes of marketing. SEO which is a big part of the digital world is a great mode for all the small and bigger companies to make way for more clientele and a larger reach. However, there are very few who are aware of SEO benefits while a major chunk of businesses fail to understand the perks of SEO services.

    Rank My Business is an SEO agency in Melbourne which offers expert SEO services to big, medium and small enterprises in various fields. We focus on making our SEO services a path to business success. We offer an array of SEO services which cater to the various needs of different companies.

    Ethical, all the way

    Many SEO agencies in Melbourne shall promise instant ranking in a short span of time. However, knowing that good things take time, it is important to use the proper tools and work on a strong foundation. We ensure that our experts use the right SEO practices which shall never put your webpages at a risk for a Google ban.

    Fair pricing

    It is always recommended for businesses to invest in one tool which is bound to reap a brilliant return on investment. SEO is that tool which you can undoubtedly rely on for better outcomes. With every passing day, it adds value to your businesses in terms of visibility and credibility. Our SEO marketing services in Melbourne are reasonably priced and we provide various packages that suit the different needs of businesses.

    Experienced team

    Headed by ace SEO expert and a team with a extensive experience of 30+ years, you can rest assured that your business will be in the right hands when you choose RMB as your SEO services company in Melbourne.


    As one of Australia’s fastest-growing SEO Melbourne agency, the results we deliver for our clients speak for themselves. We are working with some of Australia’s leading businesses and helping them reach higher heights with our SEO services. This is what gives us immense satisfaction.

    We Aim To Do Our Best For You!

    We have a different approach to SEO. We are well aware that two clients may not require the same strategies and their requirements would also differ. With a lot of research work, we develop the best possible visitor user experience on your blog page, website, or on the mobile app. Moreover, we know how engaging and compelling content can do wonders. We ensure that we create content with effective keywords that shall scale up your rankings. Our marketing strategies are built according to every client to client so that we can deliver the most efficient, results-oriented services. Here are some of the factors which we take in order to deliver the best results from our marketing campaigns.

    • Useful Meta Title
    • Useful Meta Description
    • Google Page Speed
    • Meta Tag
    • Keyword Research
    • Organic Search Approach
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Mobile Friendly
    • Used Schema
    • High PA DA Backlinks
    • Page UI
    • Google Trends

    Given below are the steps which we take to get good SEO ranking for your brand.

    1.Gather all information

    We dedicate the first 15 Days on Keywords Research, campaign research, strategy, planning.

    2.Information from Client

    We consult with respective business owner to get a thorough understanding of their products or services, target location, any strategies vision for the future, current branding approach etc.

    3.Competitor Analysis

    We carry extensive research on the performance of your competitors which helps us to rework our current modules.

    4.Website audit

    We perform a complete website audit to understand the key issues in website.

    5.Keyword research

    We utilize the data of statistics like traffic volume, search volume and relevancy in order to achieve a high rank list of keywords which we will use to monitor SEO progress.

    Some numbers to chew on

    # OF 1ST PAGE










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    We Are A Focused SEO Company in Melbourne

    Every business owner wants to be at the top of search engines like google, yahoo or bing. But this is a daunting task and requires help from digital professionals. Google uses more than about 200 ranking factors to come up with its scoring algorithm and also keeps changing.

    Did you know that last year there were about 540 changes which were done to that algorithm? Well, that makes it harder for all the brands to get a first-paGE ranking. It is, however, possible with only SEO techniques and its regular implementation.

    At Rank My Business, our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services are designed to fit the needs of your brands. Every plan of ours is focused on increasing inorganic search results for your websites and increasing the conversion rate for your business by targeting the audience. This in turn will affect your sales to scale up and reap you lot of traffic and clientele.

    At Rank My business, the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is dedicated to creating a unique, result-oriented and smart strategy which will help in boosting your sales and increasing your return on investment (ROI).

    However, enhancing the search ranking and bringing in drastic changes cannot be done at the drop of hat. So, we dedicate enough time for research, website audit, keyword finalizing and content creation.

    Our team of expert SEO consultants will take you through the entire process of how our SEO services can help you to enhance the returns which you get from your business.

    1.Our SEO consultant will help you to drive more traffic.

    More the website ranks for keywords, the more traffic it will receive. With SEO services, you can gain more traffic by increasing the ranking of your business website.

    2.Our SEO services improve your visibility on different platforms.

    The use of effective keywords leads to a higher rank of your website. Our SEO services are a direct mode to drive better visibility and impressions in the search engine.

    3.Our SEO help you to build greater credibility and trust within your potential customers.

    Websites which appear higher in search results give an impression of being more trustworthy and credible. In fact, 98% of viewers choose the business which is listed on Page 1 of the search engine. We take efforts to make your website rank better and acquire better credibility within potential customers.

    4.We help you with branding.

    Our services help you to stay higher on the search engine ranking. Obviously, by being in the top searches, it will be easy for you to build brand equity you’re your business.

    5.We help you to attract high-quality traffic.

    Potential customers are looking for your products or services online. If you incorporate our SEO services, then each page on your website can be an entry point for these customers. We assure a well-developed SEO strategy through which you can also target your potential customers at each stage of buying tunnel. This is the best way to ensure that you are the first choice of every consumer surfing on the internet.

    6.Our SEO services is like an investment.

    You must know that “SEO is a process and you do not see changes overnight” which is true. However, when you invest in our SEO, you will start getting the payoff of your efforts eventually with good SEO practices

    7.Our SEO services can produce a higher ROI.

    According to some studies, Leads generated by SEO have a 14.6% close rate, while leads from other marketing modes have approximately 1.7% close rate. Do you want to know how? Connect with Rank My Business now.

    8.Our SEO services deliver measurable results.

    Our SEO services deliver completely measurable results. By using Google Analytics, we analyse the traffic amounts. This is very valuable data which enables the internet marketing team to be more successful.

    9.Our SEO services make sure that you maintain a positive image online.

    Your online reputation affects the success of your business. A business which hires us for their SEO can build and maintain a positive online brand reputation. Online reputation can have both positive and a negative impact on the viewers.

    10.Our SEO services can provide insights for your business.

    The queries driving traffic to your business can offer useful insights for you to enhance your business and create a positive impact online.

    11.Proven SEO Systems

    The SEO techniques that will be done on your site would be 100% safe. Our SEO experts do not practice any cutting corners or black hat techniques. We ensure that all our SEO techniques are tested on our R&D test sites to render effective outcomes and safety.

    12.Cutting Edge Experts

    We belong to the advanced and exclusive mastermind groups that has the best SEO team. We discuss strategy, what is working right now and what to move away from. We ensure that we stay on the cutting edge of our industry and you benefit from that knowledge.

    13.We are Partners

    We believe to be your partner in SEO growth. So, in cases of any queries, question, problems to resolve or simply need an update we are here for you. We assure you help in your tiniest of need and help you achieve your targets.

    Onpage SEO Factors

    Meta Title

    Meta Titles are HTML elements which provide information about a certain web page for the search engines and website viewers.  They are useful to tell search engines and viewers about what is included in the given page on your site. Meta titles need to be concise and accurate in order to give a complete idea to the viewers about the webpage.

    Total Words

    Your website’s content is the foundation for your SEO strategy which implemented on your business website. An SEO strategy expert will determine the number of total words which are required to optimize your website.

    Text/HTML Ratio Test

    The text to HTML ratio is also known as the text to code or code to text. It is a connective percentage of the actual text content which is found on a website page.

    HTML Headings

    Search engines like Google or Bing utilize HTML headings to index the content structure of your website pages. Using HTML headings is crucial to show the structure of your document. The <H1> headings are be used for indicating main headings, furthermore, the <H2> headings indicate the less important.


    The robots.txt file is an element of robots exclusion protocol (REP) which is a group of web standards which controls the way in which robots crawl the web,  and access and index content.  The REP also contains instructions like Meta robots or site-wide instructions for how search engines should respond to links with “follow” or “no follow”.

    Hide Content

    Hidden content is an old technique which is used by some SEO experts with a goal of boosting SEO efforts.  However, this method cannot lead to desirable results. Wish to know why? Talk to our experts at Rank my Business.

    Avoid Plugins Configure

    Plugins are a simple and effective way of expanding the functionality of Alerta without modifying the core source code. The most common method of installing the plug-in is through Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins view.

    Content to Viewport

    The viewport is the area which is visible for the viewer.  The viewport is different for a different device. It will be smaller for the mobile phone, while slightly bigger for the computer screen. It is important to adjust your content in order to suit the different viewports.

    Meta Description

    The meta description is a snippet of about 155 characters. It is a summary of the content written on a particular webpage.  Search engines feature the content in the search results mostly when the appropriate keyword is within the description. So optimizing the content with enough keywords is essentially crucial for on-page SEO.

    GZIP Compression

    Gzip is a technique of compressing files for fast network transfers. Compression enables your web server to provide small file sizes which load fast and enhance the user experience of your viewers.

    Meta Keywords

    Meta keywords are types of Meta tags which explain the content of any website in a short and concise manner. The keywords are usually written in lower case and are separated with a comma.

    Do follow Links

    Dofollow links are an HTML feature which is used to enables the search bots to follow the links. In case a webmaster is linking to your site with a do-follow link, search engine bots and people can follow you.

    SEO Friendly Links

    Optimized URLs are necessary for search engine optimization as well as for user experience. Connect with our experts to know more about SEO friendly link building.


    A favicon is a small pixel icon which is used as a branding icon for your website. Due to their small size, Favicons work great as simple images. However, one should not be confused with logos.

    Image ‘alt’ Tag

    Alt text (alternative text) is also known as “alt attributes”, “alt descriptions”, or as “alt tags.” They are used in an HTML code to explain the appearance and function of a specific image on a page.

    Internal CSS

    Internal CSS in HTML refers to adding CSS code in the <head> section of document. Styling changes are applied to every specific element which is found in the file.

    H1 Tag

    The HTML tag is generally used for the title of a webpage. The formats of an h1 generally differ from the other header tags which are found on a page like h2, h3, h4.

    HTML Page Size

    Page size in the SEO refers to the downloaded file size of any web page. A typical web page is made up of numerous files which include HTML, CSS, Javascript, or image files, and also other resources.

    Internal Vs. External Links

    Understanding and utilizing the difference in external and internal links as part of your digital marketing plan is an imperative part of SEO. Every type of link has a place in the strategic SEO plan which is aimed at increasing your position on search engine results page.

    External links can be links from your website to some other website to offer extra information for readers. The internal links are the ones which point in your own website. Links from the pages on your website to your contact page are a simple example of internal links.

    URL Canonicalization Test

    A canonical URL is a chosen version of a particular web page. It emerges as a small piece of the code which is found on a page that indicates the search engines about how to crawl the page and rank the significance of the given content.

    Mobile Friendly Check

    Having a mobile-friendly website is a vital part of the online presence of your brand.  In several countries, smartphone traffic is now more than desktop traffic. Want to know how you can make your website mobile friendly? Connect with us now.

    Google Page Speed Insight (Mobile)

    PageSpeed Insights (PSI) sends report on the performance of a page on mobile as well as desktop devices and offers suggestions on how the particular page can be improved. PSI offers lab and field data about the page.


    A sitemap is a broad outline of your website which helps the search engines find, crawl and index your website’s content. Sitemaps also indicate the search engines about which pages on your site are most eminent.

    IP Canonicalization Test

    IP canonicalization is a procedure of ensuring that your domain name and IP address resolves to the same link.  This URL can be referred to as the canonical URL or page.

    IP & DNS Report

    The DNS resolves the domain name of your website to an IP address. Without it, your users are unable to locate your and reach your website.

    Plain Text Email Test

    A plain text email is a simple email message which includes merely text content. There is no image or graphic and also no formatting. Also, all the links are written out.

    Offpage SEO Factors

    1. Blog Commenting

    Blog commenting is defined as a bond between blogs, bloggers and readers. It is a way of exchanging ideas, thoughts and views upon a specific blog or topic.  The Blog comments help a specific blog to attract more readers and traffic.

    2. Image Submission

    Image submission in SEO inculcates leaving images which are related to your website in a different image sharing websites. It involves deciding the right image, alt text, file format, and a short description of the image.

     3. Social Bookmarking

    Social bookmarking is a way for viewers to store, search, and manage “bookmarks” of respective web pages. Users tend to save links to web pages which they like or wish to share.  Most social bookmark services are managed through users by applying “tags” or keywords to the content on a Web site. This means that other users can see the bookmarks which are associated with a selected tag, and view the information about the number of users who have bookmarked the links.

    4. Broken links strategy

    Broken link building is an idea which is used to find resources in your niche which are not live, or recreating a content version and reaching out to the webmasters who are linked to that content and asking them to replace the broken link with a link leading to your newly created content resource. Do you wish to know more about this? Connect with us now.

    5. Web 2.0 link Building

    Web 2.0 link building is a type of link building in which you sign up at websites that are not limited to social micro-blogging sites. This type of link building is not limited to blogs, and it also includes obtaining links from writers, user, and website profiles which are available on other sites.

    6. Directories Submission

    Directory Submission is one of the finest strategies for our website to become popular on the internet.  It is the vital step which is taken by online marketers for upgrading link reputation of a particular website. Consult with our experts to know more.

    7.Wiki Links

    As Wikipedia is ranking for most of the search terms, so you can think of its influence. It is deemed to be a rich and reliable source of information. Hence, Wikipedia backlinks can help out to aggravate your SEO efforts.

    8. Directories

    Directory submission in SEO is the procedure of submitting our website URL on several business directories to create backlinks. These Backlinks are utilized by the search engines to develop the ranking. In case you have more backlinks to your sites from other related websites, then the ranking of your website will enhance.

    9. Press release

    The idea after press releases is that they need to be used for sharing interesting and newsworthy content. Press releases can also be utilized to complement yours.


    Why does your business need SEO?

    The digital world is always in a state of flux, and SEO can help your website rank better on search. This will naturally translate to more exposure, more traffic and more revenue opportunities.

    What is On-page SEO?

    On-page SEO is implemented on the business website and each of its pages, with an intention to grow organic traffic. In this technique, keywords and key phrases play an important role, along with headings, page titles, domain names and tagged images. All of these will need to be optimized for search engines. Also, the site size should be ideal, should not take too long to load.

    How does SEM differ from SEO?

    SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, and delivers traffic via paid ads on search. It also sends a more highly targeted audience to your website.

    What is SEO?

    SEO refers to ‘Search Engine Optimization.’ It is a process of optimizing the web pages and to take them at a high position in the search results of the search engines. If you wish to get more traffic on your business website, then SEO should be a part of your marketing strategy.

    Can you do it yourself?

    In order to gain optimum results from Search Engine Optimization, one must prefer expert assistance. For this you can hire an expert marketing agency and trust them with the task of designing and implementing digital marketing strategy for your firm. Are you looking for such an SEO agency in Melbourne? Then connect with us now.

    Increase Traffic

    Through SEO, your business website can gain a higher rank in search engine and also more organic traffic. Contact us and know how our digital marketing services can help you to increase traffic on your website.

    How much does it cost to hire an SEO company?

    The average cost of hiring an SEO agency in Australia is $250 to $2500 per month. Do you wish to get SEO services from the best SEO agency in Melbourne? Connect with us now.

    What makes us the best choice for SEO in Melbourne?

    Our customer oriented approach, result-oriented services and end-to-end approach makes us the best option for SEO in Melbourne.

    What third-party tools are used during your SEO audits?

    Tools such as Report garden, SEMrush, Raven Tools, Woo Rank as used during the SEO audits. To know more about the way in which we work, connect with us now.

    How much does SEO cost?

    The average cost of hiring an SEO agency in Australia is $250 to $2500 per month. And, the hourly SEO rate is $125 to $250. Do you wish to avail digital marketing services from the best SEO agency in Melbourne? Connect with us now.

    Can you help businesses recover from Google penalties?

    Yes, our SEO firm in Melbourne can surely help businesses to recover from Google penalties. Want to know how? Then connect with us now!

    How long does it take for you to rank a website?

    Generally, a website needs 3-6 months to get a good ranking in Google. Our experts will consult with you and inform you about every step while optimizing your website.

    For more information about our SEO agency in Melbourne, connect with us now and know more.

    How long does SEO take to show results?

    Depending upon the industry and keywords you are targeting, SEO efforts can take as little as a few weeks to a few months to start showing real results. We urge our clients to be patient, and look at this as a long term investment towards higher brand awareness, higher traffic and higher popularity.

    How is SEO carried out?

    SEO consists of optimizing elements on your website – right from the content and images, to the HTML tags and more. It takes into account everything from the speed of your website, user experience and content updation frequency.

    Can SEO really bring about substantial business results?

    Yes it can. The results will depend on which kind of business and industry you are operating in, and who is managing your SEO campaigns.

    How does SEO work?

    SEO works through two main categories namely, On-page SEO which focuses on the on-page SEO strategies which take place on your website. Secondly, the Off-page SEO focuses on all the off-page SEO strategies which take place off your website. Both on-page and off-page SEO is aimed at making your site friendlier, and trustworthy for the users and search engines.

    Keyword Rankings

    Keyword rankings have great impact on the affectivity of your SEO marketing strategy. Our expert digital marketing experts will ensure to optimize your website and increase its rank in the search engine. So are you looking for the best SEO agency in Melbourne? Connect with us now.

    Why is SEO important 2020?

    SEO helps you to stay ahead and gives you an edge over your competitors. Hence, in this age of growing completion, SEO can help you to stand out by giving you higher ranks on search engine.

    How much does SEO cost in Australia?

    The average cost of hiring an SEO agency in Australia is $250 to $2500 per month. And, the hourly SEO rate is $125 to $250. Do you wish to get SEO services from the best SEO agency in Melbourne? Connect with us now.

    How many keywords do you implement during onsite work and do how you choose the correct phrases?

    Initially, we recommend targeting about 5 keywords (each one with a monthly search volume of 100+) to begin with. Do you wish to know more about our SEO services in Melbourne? Then connect with us now.

    Will you work with eCommerce sites?

    We are a team of expert digital marketers who have an experience in dealing with versatile clients. We also cater to ecommerce websites and help them in gaining better ranking in search engine. To know more about us, connect with us now.

    Will I have to make changes to my website?

    Following to the website audit, our team of experts can make you a recommendations for changing certain elements I your website. Connect with our SEO experts in Melbourne to know about details.

    Do you outsource any of your work overseas?

    Yes, we are keen on providing our expert SEO services to overseas clients. For more details, connect with us now.

    Rank My Business has exhibited proven expertise in delivering sustained results across different industry verticals and clients. We are an SEO company based in Melbourne, and our goal is to be a partner in your business growth. If this interests you, connect with us to know how we can work together.

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