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The basics of designing a high impact digital marketing strategy

Today, digital technology is driving the world. The way we lead our lives today is such a far cry from a few years back that it is almost next to impossible to imagine a life bereft of digital dependence. We aren’t only talking about urban dwellers though. Almost everyone, from the young to the old everywhere, is armed with a smart phone with an internet connection at the very least, and carries a world of possibilities in their pockets!

The role of digital marketing in this world is becoming increasingly important today. It not only drives purchase decisions, but can also influence people’s behaviour, interactions and habits. And if you happen to be a marketer, you know that you cannot afford to ignore this medium. This has also spawned the rise of many digital agencies, most of which promise superlative results by just exploring the digital medium. But it is not only about ‘being present on digital’ as these agencies would tell you, it is about being present where it matters. And for this to happen, it is important to have a high impact digital strategy.

But before you even start designing your digital marketing strategy, we recommend that you keep the following basic tenets in mind:

1.Align your digital marketing with your overall marketing strategy

This tenet, as simple as it sounds, is often ignored by a lot of clients. Your digital marketing strategy should go with the stage of your business, and your marketing objectives at the current stage of your business. It helps to not only identify the measurable objectives, but also the metrics that you will use to measure ROI. It also helps to analyse your past digital marketing efforts, as this can guide your future efforts.

Keep monitoring your digital marketing strategy and whether it is taking your business closer to its larger goals. There will be many times when you realise that your strategy isn’t working out the way you had planned. That is perfectly okay, and the best part about digital is that you can continue to modify your strategy and measure its performance till you start seeing results.

Remember that it is not just about a popular digital platform / channel, but combining different tactics and platforms to get the right reach and visibility. You must always have a long term view, just like planning an investment. Tactics like Search Engine Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization and Content Marketing make for very good long term investments, and fetch great ROI.

2.Focus on building your brand

This is important for new brands as well as those that have been around for a while. This is because consumer interests keep changing, and you would want your brand to be perceived as current, and relevant in this evolving scenario.

A lot of SMEs tend to put this on the backburner, focusing on generating leads and sales. And while we are not discounting the importance of that, it is equally essential to not lose sight of the long term picture. Especially when consumers seek a meaningful relationship with brands, and there are many ways to build an emotional connect with them. After all, brand awareness can also positively influence lead generation too!

Digital marketing can be that medium through which you can establish a direct interaction with your customers. And not just that, using tools like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Content Marketing, it is possible to reach out to them at the right time, in the right context.

3.Personalise, and continue evolving your plan

One of the only ways you can personalise your marketing message is by knowing your target audience very well. Knowing what they want, need and like or dislike can be a good guide to designing your content and media strategy.

Personalised, contextual messages are what can help your business break through the marketing overload that your consumers are exposed to. Big Data and automation in marketing makes it easier to deliver personalized communication across multiple platforms, specifically social media and search. Surveys show that 80% of the consumers prefer connecting with brands that deliver a personalised experience.

And today, personalization is not limited to just using the consumer’s name in your marketing communication. Hyper-personalisation is the key, and digital marketing platforms allow us to customize different messages depending on the age-group, location and even behaviour.

At Rank My Business, we thrive on getting results for our clients. Our Digital Marketing strategies in Melbourne have been very effective for our Australian clients across different verticals, from medical and cosmetic to technology and food. Give us a call if the prospect of increasing your ROI from digital marketing sounds exciting for you.

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