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Know About The 6 Eminent Trends of SEO in 2020

SEO Trends

Know About The 6 Eminent Trends of SEO In 2020

With new businesses starting up every day, the competition to grab the viewer’s attention constantly heightens. By staying updated with the latest SEO trends you ensure that your website goes and stays at the higher position in the search engines.

Google makes several changes to its search algorithms every year. Even though almost all the changes are minor, still there is a possibility of them affecting your search engine ranking. Here is a list of such eminent SEO trends which you must know about to carry out your SEO marketing strategy in a proficient manner.

1.Voice search and long-tail keywords are the new way search method.

“Ok Google, find the best pizza place near me!” Isn’t this the way most people make their online searches? According to data, about 33 million voice search queries in the year 2017. With voice search growing gradually more popular, people tend to type search queries in the same way as they speak. So, mostly, these search queries will be long-tail and specific. Also, bullet lists might increase your chances of better ranking for voice queries, and a majority of voice queries are local, optimizing your website for local SEO is surely a great idea!

2.BERT will be influential for a long time.

BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) allows one to educate their question answering system. This is a major transformation which Google has made to its algorithm since 2014. SEO marketers who exercise the BERT models augment their chances of greater ranking for featured snippets in Google SERP.

3.People will look for more digital experiences

Did you know that about 44% of companies have shifted to a digital-first approach to enhance customer experience? This is because there are increasing numbers of viewers who prefer digital mediums.

Also, Successful businesses know that making a long-term relationship with customers is dependent on the customer experience, and customer experience reflects on your search ranking. So, focus on your user experience and help the customers to find the information which they need. To offer the best possible user experience, you need to understand the viewer’s mindset and identify their needs and preferences. Avoid using complex words which are difficult to understand. Remember that lack of clarity in your content can amplify the bounce rate and negatively impact your SEO efforts.

4.The video will grow increasingly influential.

Video is an eminent part of the SEO strategy and digital marketing efforts. According to research, video content is 50 times more probable to appear on the first page of SERP as compared to a web page with mere plain text. Also, about 62% of Google universal searches comprise of videos.

So, you can create engaging YouTube videos which complement the existing content on your website. This video content will help you in attracting higher traffic after Google indexes your video.

Also, you can embed videos on your website to attract more organic traffic. Also, make sure that you optimize your video as per your blog’s width.

5.Search rankings depend on the length of your content.

Only high-quality and original content can help you beat your competitors and gain a page 1 ranking. Research states that web pages having long-form, high-quality content enjoys more online visibility than other types of content. Also, your content must expansively answer the questions of the user asked and also provide clarity to the questions related to the main search query of the viewer. Moreover, engaging and longer articles increase the dwell time of the viewer, which indicates Google that the users are enjoying your content.

6.Mobile search will continue to increase.

About 87% of internet users’ access through mobile phones and about 40% of transactions take place through mobile. In the year 2019, Google has also moved to mobile-first indexing to improve the mobile search experience. So, for better search engine results, you have to optimize your website for your mobile.

Although this article touches the eminent aspects and factors in SEO, still SEO is an ongoing process. Just when you start thinking that you understand SEO, the algorithm updates take place. SEO is a holistic process which needs both offline and online marketing strategies for success.

For ensuring seamless success in SEO, it is always best to seek assistance from an SEO expert who is well aware of the latest SEO trends and knows how to design and execute smart online marketing strategies for your business.

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We will be glad to serve you and help your business in reaching newer heights through our SEO services.

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