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Certified Google Analytics Agency in Melbourne

Marketing has evolved into a whole new game today. As businesses and consumers interact and engage in newer ways today, rich minefields of data are generated with every interaction. Successful businesses are adept at making the best use of this data, and we increasingly see more and more marketing decisions being guided by data driven insights. Google Analytics is undoubtedly the most popular analytics platform today, thanks to the plethora of data it captures.

With so much data available, it can get overwhelming for businesses to make sense of it, in a way that matters. And here is where we come in. As a certified Google Analytics agency, RMB can help you not only make sense of the data, but also derive actionable insights from it. We can help with the complete Analytics processes, from implementation to customized reporting. This will give you more clarity about what is working for you and what is not, so that you can make faster, informed decisions to maximize your digital investment.

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    An overview of our Google Analytics services

    We offer a host of solutions that you can use to precisely target your audiences online.

    Google Analytics Audit

    Google Analytics Audit

    We do a comprehensive health check-up of your Google Analytics account, to make sure you are capturing all the data that matters.
    Google Analytics Implementation

    Google Analytics Implementation

    Be it an existing setup or a new one, we can help you make Google Analytics work better for you, to get the right data at your fingertips.
    Google Tag Manager (GTM)

    Google Tag Manager (GTM)

    Manage all your website tags from a simple web interface, without having to depend on your web developer.
    Developer Recommendations

    Developer Recommendations

    With our experience, we can help you develop a better website by sharing precise setup and data capture recommendations for your developer.
    Custom Reporting

    Custom Reporting

    Our customized dashboards will help you find the data you want, at the time that you need, saving you precious time in sifting through chunks of data.
    Insights that help strategy

    Insights that help strategy

    We help you listen to the stories that your data wants to tell you, which will arm you with actionable insights to take decisions.

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    An overview of our Google Analytics services

    Google Analytics Audit

    A Google Analytics Audit is the first step towards improving the quality of data that you capture, so that you can get the most out of your Google Analytics account. Our thorough audit identifies any gaps in the data collection process and, and makes recommendations that are customized to your business requirements.

    Google Analytics Implementation

    Whether you already have a Google Analytics account, or whether you are in the process of setting up a new one, it is important to configure it correctly so that you don’t miss capturing any important data. We go beyond adding tracking code, to enhanced tracking for all actions including events and ecommerce, so that you can understand how you can best enhance your customer journeys.

    Google Tag Manager (GTM)

    Google Tag Manager is a wonderful free tool that will allow you to edit and deploy your web and app tags from a single web interface, without having to modify any code or having to consult your IT manager or web developer. We can help you implement GTM for your web and app, and support you to make the best use of it.

    Developer Recommendations

    We know you want your website to work hard for you, and this is why we feel it would be worthwhile to correctly implement Google Analytics and GTM correctly from the start. After a complete audit of your current data collection setup, we can share precise developer recommendations for installation and implementation, for better capturing all user interactions on your online platforms.

    Custom Reporting

    Google Analytics can throw up tons of data that can boggle the best of minds. With RMB, you can expect cool, customized dashboards to present your data in an easy to comprehend and actionable manner. This will not only help you save on time, but also help you arrive at actionable next steps, faster.

    Insights that help strategy

    It makes no sense to have access to data without being able to use it for your benefit. We can analyse your data, make sense of the numbers and translate it into usable insights that can guide your strategy in the right direction, helping you tweak your online content and campaigns to maximize ROI.

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